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Sunday, 23 March 2008

I've just finished another kit, for all you circus lovers....Roll Up Roll Up is now available for download. Hope you like it...it's nice and bright great for those pics of your kids...well adults to I guess....

Roll Up Roll Up

Here's the link for download, please leave me a comment or two as I really do like to read them and it makes doing these designs even more worthwhile :) It's the only payment I receive and it makes me all warm and fuzzy :)


Saturday, 22 March 2008

For those who kindly told me the link for the NSW and NT stuff on the sunburnt country wasn't working...tis all fixed now. I would have contact you personally but I didn't have any details...hopefully you'll check back and see that all's good and thanks also for you wonderful comments...ta :)

Friday, 21 March 2008

IT'S FINALLY ARRIVED!!! WOW the huge Aussie mega kit Sunburnt Country…I guess I can call it mega coz there’s 23 backgrounds, also every state amd territory has it’s own mini kit with 2 backgrounds and 4 elements each. There’s 4 quick pages, 9 frames, 3 alphas, and 3 pages of Aussie sayings with 1 for us Adults ;)…a little rude but not too bad lol….numberous tags and brads, a whole folder full of Aussie themed dur of course or else it wouldn’t be an Australian kit would it now….with over 40 different embellishments…if you can’t find something to use well there’s just no pleasing ya !! I've had heaps of trouble uploading this to 4shared and have fortunately found another file sharing site....DivShare...so you'll find some of the kit is on 4shared and of course the other is DivShare...I've tested the zip files so all should be good, but if it's not please let me know and I'll see what I can do :)

I would like to give thanks to the following friends from Scrapbook Flair community, for without their help, inspiration, ideas and encouragement this kit may never have come to fruition.










Ms Aquarius

Xx_Michelle_xx thank you so very much for your Photoshop Aussie bush styles - they are awesome



Drum roll please............and here it tis :)

Sunburnt Country

As it's rather large and due to the upload probs I'm sorry but I've had to upload it in 6 parts, total pain as it was meant to be 3 files but I guess the positives are at least if you only want certain states you don't need t download them all.

To upload the Alphas, Backgrounds, Brads n Tags click *sorry link not active*

For the Frames and Quick Pages*sorry link not active* will do :)

Now the state mini kits are broken down into 3 files

Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland click*sorry link not active*

ACT, Western Australia and Victoria click *sorry link not active*

New South Wales and Northern Territory click*sorry link not active*

and finally for the various Australian themed embellishments click *sorry link not active*

Thursday, 13 March 2008

I'm so sorry everyone....if you guys have been around here looking for my Sunburnt Country kit...please be patient...I'm having so much trouble :( uploading...it's driving me abolsutely crazy with frustration...the uploads are either timing out or telling me they've completed but then just don't appear....grrrr very annoying to say the least...so the kit is one it's way it just in the hands of the ether gods lol.....


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