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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Remembrance of Times Past

This kit is perfect for your vintage heritage or even family genealogy pages. This kit contains 40 embellishments of which 32 are completely unique and different. There are 15 gorgeous background as well. Here is the preview for you. The shadows are only for presentation purposes.

Now you will see some of the wonderful layouts my brilliant CT have created to show you what you can do with the versatile kit.

Created with love by Sassy

Created with love by Lindy

Created with love by Gypsy

Created with love by Johni

Created with love by Kylie

Created with love by Vickie

Created with love by Verony

Friday, 28 August 2009

I've just been given this award thanks to Jax over at Lavendel Creations, now the hard part is going to be in passing this on to 7 others as most of the people who I know with blogs are all the same ones and I don't like to send things to people I don't know :)...so they are already bound to have gotten this award....so here goes nothing..and hope I don't double up

The 7 blogs I have chosen are:

well I fibbed...can only find 4 at the moment so this will have to do until I have a little more time.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

NEW Release - SUNBURNT COUNTRY a kit for Australians

We see a lot of kits that are unique to USA or are versatile for other countries, but Sunburnt Country all about Australia. There are a few kits on the market but not very many that are dedicated wholly to this wonderful country. With the background papers in this kit I've tried to catch the essence of our outback from the dark greys of a stormy sky, to the reds of our soil and the dry earth during droughts. The elements have all been based on a variety of Australian native flora and fauna, along with some icons.

There are also many parts of this kit that can be used for all sorts of layouts and it's over 100mb of downloads. You are also able to buy a set of 3 alphas and word art of Australian colloquialisms separately. I also have a set of 4 quick pages that are either a freebie bonus with purchase of the full kit or you can buy these separately if you desire.

Proudly presenting A SUNBURNT COUNTRY

The following pages have been created with love by my wonderful CT. They present a wide variety of what's in store for you when you purchase this kit.

Layout by Sassy

Layout by Sassy

Layout by Verony

Layout by Johni (Being a horsy chick I just lurve this one)

Layout by Vickie

Layout by Verony

Layout by Kylie

Layout by Lindy

Okay now for the free goodies...the following preview is chock full of freebies, all the pics around the outta are all free kits in themselves..."free" I hear you cry yes free :). Each one is a mini kit in itself for each state and terriotiry of Australia as a special gift to my friends and followers. Downoald links are under this preview page.

The download links are in the order of the thumbnails starting in the top left corner and working clockwise we have

Victoria and finally

Now I've put a lot of hard work and effort into my stuff and really do appreciate any comments. I know that commenting is a real pain whether you leave the comment on 4shared or here on my blog but, (yes there's a but) it doesn't have to be annoying...just drop me a quick line in my CBox to the right of this post...you'll find it only takes a second or two and believe me I really appeciate it and it makes me all warm and fuzzy :) and I'll keep creating freebies for those that like to get something for nothing and don't we all :) Enjoy!!!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Blog Train at Digital Craft Cottage

toot toot choo choo chugg a chugg chug the train is getting up a full head of steam...the first blog train for DCC is about to leave the first station...it's a back to school themed choo choo so if you want to snag all the wonderful freebies on board go to Jacie's blog to start your ride

Imbolc Inspiration

This is a preview of whats on offer. It's the first in my Wheel of the Year series. Please keep in mind that these are universal and varied kits that can be used for just about anything you wish, but I'm releasing them with the Southern Hemisphere in mind.

Now if you'd like a little sampler of what hiding behind this preview then click *link disabled*

Layout by Vickie

Layout by Sassy

Layout by Gypsy

Layout by Des

Layout by Johni

Layout by Kylie

Layout by Lindy

Layout by Verony


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