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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Back again.........so soon you say.... well I've decided to add my Joyful Christmas kit to my blog. This was originally done for a challenge at Scrapbook Flair and unfortunately when I uploaded my zip file something went wrong. Now that the mega kit is completed I thought it easier to bung it on here. So if you want to download it feel free......it does include the Joyful Christmas QP that was available earlier and still is :)

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Well here ya go, if you want this then snag it here

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Well time for another freebie to share, this one was inspired by trying to do a page of some pics of my hubby and son. I've had this pic of my husband from when he was 16 and the resemblance to our son at the same age is so uncanny that I just had to grab a shot of him to compare. Mind you getting the pic took some doing and plenty of bribes I must add....cost me a few bucks to get the pic and the whinging I had to put up with was unbeliveable....Once I had the pics I needed something to use so I started to playing in Photoshop and this was the end result..... an new kit. Not sure if I like the name but I'll do for now unless someone can think of something better............. Presenting

Earthern Forest -yes I know it's not the correct spelling but I did it on purpose....(my excuse and I'm sticking to it lol)

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Click here to download

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Well we in South Oz are experience some unusually and extremely hot weather for November, we have had temps in the low to middle 30's (Celsius for those still in Fahrenheit) with 36 forecast tomorrow. It's going to get worse before it cools, the forecasters are saying that we have 39 to look forward to by Tuesday, thank heavens for air conditioning :). These temps for us are usual but not for this time of year. We don't get really really hot until January/February and then we experience high 30 to 40................yuk!!! It's funny actually coz I have just completed a new kit that was inspired by a page I have done for a challenge that was hosted over at Scrapbook Flair. The page was depicting the Mayan Civilisation and I created by own background for it, so impressed with the way it turned out I decided to create a whole kit around it... the colours also fit well with our current hot weather........... Here's a preview for you.

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If ya want it, grab it, just click here.


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