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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Well another day or to has past and I'm been trying to fine tune my blog. If you been here before you might notice some changes. I've finally worked out how to get Cbox to work (leave me a msg, I'd like that ) and added a clock. I've figured out my banner size and it now fits a little better. Wahoo, things are really starting to roll. One day I might get to add a freebie or too for my scrappin friends (gotta do one first LOL). I currently giving myself a very busy work load. I started digi scrappin in April of this year and since then I have self taught myself Photoshop, I'm now trying to conquer PSP and Adobe Illustrator as well as this blogging caper. How ever frustrating it can get it's all still good fun.

Friday, 27 July 2007

This is my second post for this blog. Starting to get the hang of things very slowly. Have just designed my first banner. What do you think?? Probably will do many more before I am totally happy but this will do for now. It's a little short but at least it's prettier than the template one. Will work on this over the weekend and see what I can come up with. As I like scrap booking I thought you might like to see one of my earlier pages as this shows where I live in Australia. If you would like to see my gallery please click on the link below


Thursday, 26 July 2007

Well today it the first day that I've attempted to "blog". I've seen lots of other people to this and thought why not give it a try. Who knows if anyone will read it, if you do and I don't reply back it's only because I have no idea what I'm doing at the moment. I guess I'll just learn as I go and hopefully improve. Well that will do for now as this is mainly to see if I'm doing this correctly :)


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