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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Well it's taken a little longer than expect to actually get my files uploaded for my new kit All About Men ...well it's been over a week now and I had to make the files smaller than I wanted so I do apologise as there are now 4 downloads for the quick pages and the backgrounds and elements have 2 each. I'm surprised I have any hair left...it's been driving me insane..the uploads get to about 70% and stop.

For now please find the quick pages for your use and you may download them if you want to.

All About Men QP Preview

Here are the links going from the top left in a clockwise direction

Quick page Top Left
Quick Page Top Right
Quick Page Bottom Right
Quick Page Bottom Left

Stay tuned as I'll be adding the background and the elements in the next couple of days.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Look what I found on my PC, forgot that I'd finished this mini kit...well I'll call it mini as it doesn't have all the usuals bits I put in. Was hunting thru my design folder looking for something and there it was Back to School


If you wish to download, here's the link

And stay tuned as I do have another freebie in the making for you...All about Men, hopefully this kit will fill the gap that we with teenage or adult males need. I found so many beautiful kits with all the nice little girly elements of bows, ribbons, flowers etc that just don't work for our guys. Most male kits are usually theme orientated..this one is in browns and blues with a leather look to some of the backgrounds, a couple of quick pages ...now these will be separate and some cool fun masculine bits and bobs, I should hopefully get the quick pages up sometime this week so as I said stay tuned :)

Monday, 12 May 2008

Well bout time I ventured back here. I've been really busy creating a scrapbook slide show for my Mum for Mothers Day and her birthday. There's 41 pages and alot of the them are of my dear Dad who passed quite a few years ago. I do hope it'll bring her happiness as well as a lot of tears - well I don't mean I want her to cry :) but you know what I mean - , as it did me in creating it. When Mum and & Dad married back in 1951 they mucked up the wedding photos so I've tried to fix them as best as possbile and I had them printed using Scrapbooks Please, and yes I was very pleased indeed with the result. So Mum now has a nice wedding album even if it's a little late lol

So I've now joined a new scrap site RAKScraps and have entered the following in the Mega Kit April Challenge..and this is it...what ya reckon ???

April Showers

If you like to download it just click away right here


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