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Friday, 2 July 2010

My first challenge

Wahooo I'm hosting my first challenge at Nuts4Digi I'll be looking after the Variety Challenges and you can bet on getting lots of variety over the next few months. Those that know me from where ever, will know that my challenges can be exactly that, a real challenge. July's challenge is a mix n match kind...you're scratching your heads wondering what on earth this is all about. Here's how the challenge works. You use your date of birth and age to find the elements for your page. My date of birth is 23/03/1961, and I'm 48. Add each set of numerals until you have a single digit. 

This is what mine is:

Month (0+3) = 3
Day (2+3) = 5
Year (1+9+6+1)=17 (1+7) = 8
Age (4+9) = 13 (1+3) = 4

There are four categories: (my items are in bold)

Month = Subject/Inspiration Ad Jingle
Day = Title 1 alpha & 1 Font
Year = Element Bling
Age = Paper Dots

Then use the following chart to find your "mix". 

And here is what I quickly knocked up to show everyone :)

Why not pop on over and have a look at the wonderful pages being created and have a go while your there.

1 comment:

canpeg said...

Challenge being the word ! LOL I'm changing my date of birth, like you did ;) Take a look at your age in both parts ;) LOL


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