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Sunday, 1 August 2010

August Challenges are up n running at Nuts4Digi

Up for a challenge then why not pop on over to Nuts4Digi and see whats on offer this month. I'm hosting the variety challenge and boy have I got a good one for you this month....You are in for a treat this month and rest assured that you will get nothing but variety with my challenges. For this month I’d like you to find something in your neighbourhood that is historical and scrap it. I hear you say huh that’s easy well as usual there’s a twist. I want you to find a picture and scrap it but you must scrap it in the manner appropriate to the era of the history. IE if you pick something from the 60’s then your page must be retro or hippie, 50’s would be say rock n roll, 30’s would be art deco…or you could do it to relate to the history eg if you pick something that is military history then you could do your page with a military theme….you get the general idea  … I’d also like a bit of journaling so that we know what your historical item is all about. I’d love to see old and new pics if available.

I chose the rocks that make up our retaining walls for the historical aspect. They were from the original stonework from the local pub just up the corner from us. As they original pub was built in 1853 I did my layout with a vintage theme.

And here is my layout 
If the walls could talk as an idea/example to get you all going.

You'll get a fantastic posting bonus as well, while your at it why not join in the all the challenges and get the matching bonus's from those and you'll end up with a lovely little mini kit for all your hard work

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canpeg said...

Awesome challenge, Lesley !


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