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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I've come home

Back in October I decided to purchase my own domain name and move away from Blogger. I registered NutkinTailzDesigns as my domain with GoDaddy and got over that hurdle. Downloaded and setup WordPress and took the plunge..I've struggled with the complexities of wordpress over the last few months and I've found that it's taken up so much of my time that I really wanted the easiness of blogger. Today I stumbled across that fact that I can remove blogspot from my website and wallah...I'm back using blogger.

You will find that there is a bit of a gap between my kit releases that's because I they were on my other website and I've either lost it into cyberspace or it's just waiting to update to here, not sure which but I'll add my products and CT layouts so if you're interested take a look at those pages and if you're interested in anything then pop on over to my store at MyMemories.

Gradually over the next few days I'll be getting this site back in order so if you can be patient with that that would be great. I've been very lazy and have lost the urge to design over the last few months but I feel re-engerised and ready to get at it.. 2014 is going to be a good and productive year, I've lots of plans ahead of me.

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