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Monday, 26 January 2015

Oh boy do I have a surprise for you all

Back in May 2014 I closed down this blog as I'd opened my new website...A couple of months later I started to question my lack of ability as a designer and whether I have the enthusiasm to continue. In July I decided to give it until Christmas 2014 before I made a decision, took 6 months off. I closed down my website and now I can tell you all that NutkinTailz Designs will still be going and I'm looking foward to a new venture that is going to be starting in 2015.

I AM BACK and raring to go...back soon with the surprise for you all :D

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Lisa/Rebel Without A Pause Designs said...

I know! I know! [I am frantically jumping up and down and waving my hand in the air. My dogs are looking at me like I've gone COMPLETELY NutZ! Maybe I have - and as Martha Stewart would say - it's a good thing. [Not a big MS fan, but I know a good thing when I see it]. And I solemnly swear that I am Not a robot and chances are I am up to no good! -


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