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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Well we have just fixed up the curtain in our computer room. Added a blind as the Austrian one I had made kept getting all tangled and it's been driving me mad for ages. Now have a nice "working" matchstick blind with side curtains. Cut the austrian in half and it now looks heaps better. I'm still working on this blog and tying to get certain elements to do what they meant to do..........oh wo is me.......things just don't do as they are told. "Help" is great but you do need to get the right words to make it work properly. hehe just figured it all out. I now know how to attach links to words but having trouble with pics. Will leave that for later. hehe haha. Now gotta try and figure out those animations and blinkies I'll be on my way. Off I go to search the net to see what needs to be done. bye for now Lesley

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